Last update:Wed, 17 Aug 2022

In the East, hope is rising - new trend destination: Sri Lanka has dream beaches, which have not been accessible for a long time

werra-rundschauSlowly the shades of the coconut trees become visible in front of the skyline getting alight in a milky way. Sidampalam, the old man, which has been responsible for the greenery in the small resort Stardust Beach near Pottuvil at the Southern East Coast, clears the leaves and blossoms. At the East Coast of Sri Lanka, a new day is beginning.

German Monk in Sri Lanka

monkEmbracing Buddhism / He has found a Way to end Suffering / Therefore transforming Ranmali Sa to Lunbini / Passing on his Wisdom to his Countrymen.

Some years ago he still led a life of luxury in his home country Germany. But he strived to a permanent happiness, since he felt that luxury in life wouldn't be there forever. He has now found out that what he was looking for can only found in Buddhism.

All of Sri Lanka - LAKSALA

LaksalaThe Sri Lanka Handicrafts Board "Laksala" is a Statuary Board set up to preserve, develop and enhance the traditional skills of the craftsmen. "Laksala" is dealing with nearly 7000 leading master craftsmen / entrepreneurs who are producing gift, souvenir and handicraft items at rural cottage industry level.