Last update:Tue, 01 Aug 2023

All of Sri Lanka - LAKSALA

LaksalaThe Sri Lanka Handicrafts Board "Laksala" is a Statuary Board set up to preserve, develop and enhance the traditional skills of the craftsmen. "Laksala" is dealing with nearly 7000 leading master craftsmen / entrepreneurs who are producing gift, souvenir and handicraft items at rural cottage industry level.

Sri Lanka - Green Paradise

greenparadise Pascal Sarragot and Salvatore Guadagnino have made a film about the beauty of Sri Lanka's nature. This is part of a series in which they explore the most beautiful natural paradises in the world, preserved thanks to the dedication of local populations. In each film, we meet the inhabitants of these areas who have developed small businesses to welcome visitors in their environment. Another form of tourism is born: sustainable tourism.