Last update:Wed, 08 May 2024

Temporary Emergency Passports / Non-Machine-Readable Passports (NMRP)

Temporary passports (Non-Machine-Readable Passports – NMRP) are issued by this Mission to the applicants whose passports have expired / damaged or got lost, enabling them to return to Sri Lanka in an emergency.

Important - The applicants cannot travel to any other country using this NMRP Passports. NMRP should not be used to obtain visa or for any other matter other than to return to Sri Lanka immediately.

Temporary Passports will be issued only after obtaining the approval of the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo and therefore, it will take a few days to issue the Temporary passport.

The applicant, who has lost his/her passport, himself/herself should send a communication to the email address of the Embassy , indicating the circumstances under which the NMRP is requested, and face an interview to obtain the Temporary/Emergency passports.

Relevant Documentation

  1. Duly filled Form K -IM 35
  2. 4 colour photographs [3.5 x 4.5 cm] obtained within the past 3
    months (Facing directly)
  3. Duly completed declaration (Form D) (to be filled by the applicant
    who had lost the passport)
  4. Original Birth Certificate (Translations are not considered as
  5. Confirmed Travel itinerary and air ticket
  6. Sri Lankan National Identity Card (If available only)
  7. Proof of Applicant’s Visa Status
  8. If the passport is lost, the original Police report issued by the Police
    Station to which complaint was made. (Passport Number of the lost Passport should be included in the Police Report)
  9. Relevant fee in Euro - https://www.srilanka-botschaft.de/citizen-services/consular-fees