Last update:Mon, 04 Mar 2024

Sri Lanka Visa Guidelines for Investors and Businessmen

Business Visa

Foreign visitors travelling to Sri Lanka for business purposes must obtain visa prior to travel to Sri Lanka at all times, irrelevant of length of stay. Business visitors should present a letter of invitation from the business or organization in Sri Lanka with details and purpose of the visit.

Business visas can be obtained by the following methods:

1. In Person: Submit visa application in person at the Sri Lanka Mission in Berlin at least two weeks prior to travel. If you come personally to the Mission please do not transfer money through the bank, but pay cash to the cashier and obtain a receipt.

2. By Post: Submit visa application by post at least three weeks prior to travel date. Please include passport, necessary documents, and proof of payment by way of photocopy of the bank transfer. If the passport and documents are to be returned by mail, a self-addressed envelope should be included with the application. Applications send without stamped return envelope will be retained until the applicant collects them personally. Please observe that applicants are requested to use suitable courier services for sending / receiving their passports and documents, as there have been cases of lost packages in the mail during the past months. This mission won't cover any guarantees for lost passports and documents in the mail.

Visa fees: >>>>

Bank details:

3. Online ETA System

Requirements for Visa Application

  1. Duly completed visa application form with signature. Please clearly write applicant's name, address and telephone number
  2. Valid Passport with at least one unused visa page. The Passport should be valid for six months from the date of arrival to Sri Lanka.
  3. Letter of invitation from the sponsoring organization
  4. Copy of air ticket or cruise-ship reservation
  5. Copy of travel plan in Sri Lanka. If hotel reservations are not done, the names and addresses of planned visits/overnights
  6. Payment of visa fee (23.00 EUR)

Visa Application Form

Click here to download the ETA visa application form.

Important Notes:

  • For German passport holders, the visa fee isEuro 15 for 30-day stay with double-entry. Visa fee isEuro 35 for 30-to-90 day stay with single entry.
  • Single-entry visa for short stays up to 48 hours (2 days) is issued free of charge.
  • With the online ETA System, the visa fee is USD 10 for nationals from SAARC countries, i.e. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan). Visa fee is USD 20 for all other nationals (convert currency according to Foreign Exchange rates.)
  • Nationals from Singapore and Maldives do not need a visa under the bilateral program.
  • Nationals who are eligible to obtain On-Arrival visas can apply for entry visa at the port of arrival in Sri Lanka. Please check the Sri Lanka immigration website for further details.
  • ETA processing fee is only accepted in US$ at the port of entry in Sri Lanka (BIA)!
  • Crew members of flights and ships do not require a visa.
  • Children under 12 years of age do not require to pay the visa processing fee.
  • Please do not send your fees in cash by mail. The Mission cannot be held responsible for any cash sent by mail
  • Visa fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable

Above information is provided as of January 2014. For updated visa regulations please contact the ETA website, Sri Lanka Immigration or your nearest Diplomatic Mission prior to travel.