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Sri Lanka Design Festival 2012, November 15-18 2012, Mount Lavinia Hotel

SLDFThe Sri Lanka Design Festival (SLDF) is part of the "design for sustainable development" initiative undertaken by the Academy of Design (AOD) campus. Significantly, the annual event showcases creative works from all over the country and will provide a platform to demonstrate and promote Sri Lankan products.


Particularly, this initiative of the government / private sector nexus for the improvement of livelihoods of people in the former conflict zone. The project aims to provide better livelihoods for Northern artisans by improving traditional crafts with design integration. To achieve this, the AOD commissions international and local product and accessory designers, who are knowledgeable in international market trends and therefore are capable of assisting in adding value to high-end-products. An example of such a collaboration is the assistance given to palmyrah weavers in the North. The products from the North are exported and are also sent to the local market.

The Ministry of Economic Development has recognized the SLDF as an important tool to enhance small and medium enterprises. It has also been recognized as an important livelihood enhancement initiative for the people in the former conflict zone. The SLDF envisages to create many networking opportunities between buyers and sellers, both local and international, and to offer a forum of one-to-one business interactions, that would link manufacturers with designers.

Please find more information on the Sri Lanka Design Festival under Http://www.srilankadesignfestival.com. For more information and registration, please contact Ms. Linda Speldewinde at .