Last update:Wed, 08 May 2024

SRI LANKA - Depart and drink tea

 WeltArticleSri Lanka recently reopened its borders to tourists. Visitors have the World Heritage Site and tea gardens that cover much of the island almost to themselves. This also applies to the railway, which runs on one of the most beautiful routes in the world.

Few know it, but Sri Lanka is on everyone's lips, literally and worldwide. Whether at breakfast or afternoon tea, there is almost always an ingredient from the island, namely Ceylon tea. It is represented in almost all supermarkets and specialised tea shops around the world and has given the country some world brands, even if hardly anyone thinks of Sri Lanka when they are hanging a Lipton or Dilmah tea bag in their pot.

Right now, it's worth not just thinking about Sri Lanka when it comes to hot drinks, because the island in the Indian Ocean is also a perfect place to quench wanderlust during these times. After the border had been closed since March 2020, it is now allowing tourists to enter again and is less strict than other Asian countries - not only vaccinated people are welcome, but also those who have recovered and those who have not been vaccinated, provided they have been sufficiently tested. Distance and mask rules apply in the country, which are comparable to ours, but which are observed by the locals without protest and without hesitation.

The fact that the rules are followed is certainly due to the fact that the island has been through an 18-month lockdown, which was one of the strictest in the world. During this time nobody was allowed to travel around the country, it was even forbidden to leave one's own province. The schools were dense, many lived and still live on their savings because countless jobs - especially in tourism - broke away and there was almost no government support. Understandably, nobody wants the lockdown back, but holidaymakers do.

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