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First Impression: It is cold, but not as strict as in Sri Lanka

2013 08 28 isernhagen town hall - mayor bogyaIIIA group of students from Sri Lanka visits Germany. The long-standing cooperation of the Sri Lanka workgroup of the Gymnasium Isernhagen near Hanover makes this possible.

„Eingang, Ausgang, ja, nein, danke and bitte": The students from Sri Lanka actually visiting Isernhagen know some German words already. Their first impression of Germany: It is cold. Their first impression of the school in Altwarmbüchen: Everything is less strict, and the lessons are much more interactive. The first impression of Isernhagen mayor Arpad Gogya yesterday in the town hall: Just a normal person. „In Sri Lanka, a meeting with the mayor would be highly official," Manfred Möller, organizer of the exchange programme, explains the shyness of the guests, which, however, doesn't last long.

For the first time there is a „mixed exchange". Besides the five girls of the Ladies College, which has sent a delegation to Isernhagen for the fifth time already, three boys from a school in Negombo are also there. "We didn't have an exchange programme with this school yet," Möller says. Their visit is based on contacts resulting from the projects of the Sri Lanka AG Isernhagen (SLAGI). The guests from Sri Lanka will be in Germany for three weeks, and their hosts have many ideas already.

More information and images can be found on the website of the school http://www.gymnasium-isernhagen.de/news.php?readmore=205.