Last update:Tue, 03 Dec 2019

Sri Lanka Visa Guidelines for Students and Working Purposes

Visas to Students or those seeking employment in Sri Lanka are issued subject to the approval of the Controller of Immigration & Emigration (CI&E), Colombo, Sri Lanka. Applications for visa to Students and for employment therefore, should be submitted to the Sri Lanka Mission at least six weeks prior to the departure to Sri Lanka.

Application for visa should include:

(A) STUDIES:A letter obtained from the respective Institution of Education in Sri Lanka, that the applicant has been admitted for a course of study. Applicants are also advised to request their Institution of Education in Sri Lanka to contact the CI&E to expedite clearance and forward the visa approval (via CI&E, Colombo) to the Embassy.

(B) EMPLOYMENT: A foreigner who seeks employment in Sri Lanka should request the prospective employer in Sri Lanka to seek the approval of the Controller of Immigration & Emigration for the visa. Visas for this category will be issued only after obtaining clearance from the Controller of Immigration & Emigration.

For more information, please contact the Visa Department of this Mission.


Studentenvisa fee: 25.- EUR (entry visa validity 30 days)