Last update:Mon, 18 Nov 2019

Sri Lanka Visa Guideline for Journalists and TV - Film Crews

Journalists, both of print and electronic media, as well as TV & film crews, require to possess visa in advance, prior to their entry into Sri Lanka. Recommendation for media accreditation will be extended only to media personnel in possession of a relevant entry visa obtained from a Sri Lanka mission abroad.

Applicants under the above category should note that clearance has to be obtained from Colombo for the issue of a visa. Applications should be submitted therefore, at least ONE MONTH prior to their proposed dated of departure. Applicants should furnish the following:

TV/film crews should indicate the places they intend to visit for filming, and forward a synopsis or film script, in order to determine the usefulness of the project to Sri Lanka. Details of any Agency/Institution assisting the project would be considered as additional information in support of the application. The following downloadable documents should be used for this information:

Please download the NFCSL-Guidelines for more information.

Please note, when taking photographic equipment to Sri Lanka, to furnish a list of such items together with your application. In order to facilitate customs clearance at the Bandaranaike International Airport, visiting media personnel are required to obtain a temporary import document known as 'CARNET' for professional cameras and media equipment they would bring into the country. Journalists or the crew should also carry with them a BANK GUARANTEE to cover the TOTAL COST OF EQUIPMENT, to be deposited with the Sri Lanka Customs.

For more information, please contact the Visa Department of this Mission.