Last update:Thu, 25 Jan 2024

Sri Lanka Visa Guideline for Journalists and TV - Film Crews

Journalists, both of print and electronic media, as well as TV & film crews, require to possess visa in advance, prior to their entry into Sri Lanka. Recommendation for media accreditation will be extended only to media personnel in possession of a relevant entry visa obtained from a Sri Lanka mission abroad.

Applicants under the above category should note that clearance has to be obtained from Colombo for the issue of a visa. Applications should be submitted therefore, at least ONE MONTH prior to their proposed dated of departure. Applicants should furnish the following:

TV/film crews should indicate the places they intend to visit for filming, and forward a synopsis or film script, in order to determine the usefulness of the project to Sri Lanka. Details of any Agency/Institution assisting the project would be considered as additional information in support of the application. The following downloadable documents should be used for this information:

Please download the NFCSL-Guidelines for more information.

Please note, when taking photographic equipment to Sri Lanka, to furnish a list of such items together with your application. In order to facilitate customs clearance at the Bandaranaike International Airport, visiting media personnel are required to obtain a temporary import document known as 'CARNET' for professional cameras and media equipment they would bring into the country. Journalists or the crew should also carry with them a BANK GUARANTEE to cover the TOTAL COST OF EQUIPMENT, to be deposited with the Sri Lanka Customs.

Please observe that applicants are requested to use suitable courier services for sending / receiving their passports and documents, as there have been cases of lost packages in the mail during the past months. This mission won't cover any guarantees for lost passports and documents in the mail.

For more information, please contact the Visa Department of this Mission.