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10th Asia-Pacific Weeks Berlin - Smart Cities-Sri Lanka Day

Ambassador Karunatilaka Amunugama speaks on ''Transforming Sri Lanka into the 21st century - Environment and People-Friendly Cities'' at the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin

Asia Pacific1''Sri Lanka's journey during the six years since the dawn of peace has seen the country transform itself from a nation at war to one of the most peaceful, stable and secure democracies in the world. What we need now is look at the future positively with confidence and unite all the communities and move forward for the better future for all," stated by the Sri Lanka Ambassador to Germany Karunatilaka Amunugama.

Vesak Day Celebration in Berlin

Vesak2015 1 webSri Lanka Embassy in collaboration with the Museum of Asian Art, State Museums in Berlin, as well as with the Sri Lankan community organized a Seminar on Buddhism to celebrate Vesak Day on 06th May 2015.

Reception for the 114th OAV Founding Anniversary

OAV1The annual founding anniversary of the Ostasiatischer Verein Bremen (OAV, or East Asian Association Bremen) is of special significance for the trade city Bremen. Also the 114th edition in late February turned again out to be a highly valued platform for cultivating contacts and exchanging information about Asian topics. Links to the Asian region are close. The charity work of the relief organisation Hilfswerk Ostasien was supported with a collection of donations. The festive curry dinner with some 400 guests took place in the upper hall of the town hall. Previously, the traditional reception was held at House Schütting. Vice-President Eduard Dubbers-Albrecht welcomed the guests at the chamber of commerce. Among the guests were six diplomats from the East Asian region: Karunatilaka Amunugama, Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Rodney Harris, Ambassador of New Zealand, Takeshi Nakane, Ambassador of Japan, Soe New, Ambassador of Singapore and Muhammad Ali Sorcar, Ambassador of Bangladesh.

Ambassador Karunatilaka Amunugama meets German State Secretary Markus Ederer

Ederer2015 1 webAmbassador Amunugama met State Secretary Markus Ederer at the Federal Foreign Office today (23rd Feb.2015) to brief him on steps that have been taken by the current Government to establish good governance, national reconciliation as well as strengthening democratic institutions and rule of law in Sri Lanka. In reply, State Secretary Ederer stated that the positive developments in Sri Lanka were observed keenly by the German Government.