Last update:Tue, 03 Dec 2019

Media Release - Sri Lanka in the October Festival in Munich, Germany

TaxiDuring the October festival in Munich, a taxi campaign was launched by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Berlin in collaboration with Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau in Colombo. Purpose of this project was to promote Sri Lanka as a destination for Tourism with unique aspects. The campaign was implemented by the local advertising agency 2 Men Group. October festival is being held annually in Munich, which is visited by millions of people not only from various parts of Germany but from many other neighbouring countries as well. This time it was held from 22nd September to 07th October. Estimation of the visitors of 2012 is 6,9 million.

Media Release - Ambassdor Sarrath Kongahage participates at the Launch of new Brand Electric Car of BMW in Berlin

photo1BMW WebH.E. the Ambassador Sarrath Kongahage was present at the launch of a new brand electric car of BMW I3 in Berlin. The new brand I3 will be BMW's zero emission car and is expected to go into mass production in 2013. BMW announced that the electric car will have "REX" range extender option. The car manufacturer would also develop a lightweight eco-friendly urban electric car designed to address the mobility and sustainability need for people living in mega-cities.


Media Release - Ambassdor Sarrath Kongahage briefs Mr. Dieter Fritsche, State Secretary of Federal Republic of Gemany.

photo webH.E. the Ambassador Sarrath Kongahage met with Mr. Dieter Fritsche, State Secretary of Interior Ministry of Federal Republic of Germany, at the Federal Ministry of Interior on 24.10.2012.

During the meeting, the Ambassador stated that Sri Lanka enjoys its third year of peace and stability after the defeat of terrorism, and significant progress has been accomplished with regard to the rehabilitation, reconciliation and the resettlement programme in the North and East Provinces.

Ambassador’s Reception of the Diplomatic Council

DCWEBSITE1A two-parts programme had been organized for the approximately 50 guests of the "Ambassador's Reception", for which the Diplomatic Council had invited on 18th August. Host was the Ambassador of Sri Lanka, H.E. Upali Sarrath Kongahage, the President of the Council. In the afternoon, the participating businessmen and Excellencies were informed about the political situation and economic development in Sri Lanka in the representation of the Asia state. In the evening, the guests met for a gala reception in the residency of the Sri Lankan Ambassador. In front of all guests, H.E. Upali Sarrath Kongahage was named Honorary Member of the Elephant's Club e.V.