Frequently Asked Questions for Travelling to Sri Lanka as a Tourist



Please note that the Consular Section of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Berlin is not responsible for visas for Sri Lankan citizens wishing to enter Germany and cannot provide any assistance in such cases. For these purposes, the persons concerned should contact the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Colombo.


1. Is Sri Lanka open for tourists from all countries?

Yes, Sri Lanka introduced simple health guidelines for tourists to adhere when travelling in Sri Lanka

2. What are the required documents for my travel to Sri Lanka?

a. Visa
b. Proof of vaccination
c. Proof of health insurance
d. Health Declaration

3. Where can I find further details on the current travel requirements?

All travel related information could be accessed through Sri Lanka Tourism and Ministry of Health official websites

Sri Lanka Tourism -

Ministry of Health -

You could also retrieve latest visa regulations/ travel updates from Mission social media platforms

Website –

4. Is there a mandatory minimum stay?




5. How should I apply for visa to Sri Lanka?

On arrival visa

German passport holders can obtain on arrival visa at the port of entry in Sri Lanka.


Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for entering in to Sri Lanka . Please visit :

More info could be accessed here -

6. What do I do if ETA system is not functioning ?

You can obtain on-arrival visa subject to health guidelines

7. Can I get visa on arrival?


8. How can apply for visa if my stay exceeds 30 days?

You have 2 options.

Option 1 – Apply visa at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Berlin for 90 days of stay

Option 2 – Apply visa online for 30 days and extend it upon arrival in Sri Lanka

Online-Visa -

9. I am travelling with my son who is 2 years old and I cannot process ETA application when I select ‘No’ for vaccine status. How can I proceed?

You can obtain on-arrival visa for the whole family at the port of entry



10. Is it mandatory to have a pre-departure PCR test?

Now fully vaccinated passengers arriving in Sri Lanka from overseas need NOT take PCR or Rapid Antigen Tests prior to arrival from 01st March 2022.

Note – please check requirements of your airline as well as this may differ to the country requirement.

11. Is a Rapid Antigen test valid for my entry?

Now fully vaccinated passengers arriving in Sri Lanka from overseas need NOT take PCR or Rapid Antigen Tests prior to arrival from 01st March 2022.

If you are not fully vaccinated at time of arrival in Sri Lanka, a PCR test will be carried out on arrival at the Airport.

This regulation does not apply on children below 12 years.

More info –

12. Is the PCR requirement applicable for children?

PCR requirement is not applicable for children whose age is below 12 years.

More info -



13. What is the meaning of “fully vaccinated”?

Fully vaccinated

As different countries have different phases of vaccination for the inbound travellers, if the "recommended doses" of the COVID-19 vaccination are completed and depart from abroad two weeks after completion of vaccination, they will be considered as "Fully Vaccinated". Recommended doses to be considered as fully vaccinated traveller:

If the traveller is vaccinated witha 2-dose vaccine or a recommended combination of them, traveller must have had both doses to be considered as fully vaccinated for travel to Sri Lanka

If the traveller had an approved one-dose vaccine (e.g. Janssen vaccine), traveller is considered as fully vaccinated.

Children of eighteen years and below, who have obtained at least a single dose of a recognized vaccine will be considered as "Fully Vaccinated" if departed from abroad two weeks after completion of vaccination.

Any vaccination type accepted by the country of origin will be accepted.

Half Vaccinated/not fully vaccinated

Travellers who have not received COVID-19 vaccination nor completed the recommended doses of vaccination (not-vaccinated), and/or departed from abroad within less than 2 weeks of completion of the recommended doses of vaccination (not-fully vaccinated) will be considered under this category and they will stay in the safety of the Tourism Bio Bubble until the completion of,

• 14 days post vaccination period / 7 days after arrival (whichever comes first will apply for not-fully vaccinated travellers)

• 7 days from arrival (applies for not-vaccinated travellers)


Travellers with a history of COVID-19 within the past 6 months and who are fully vaccinated OR travelling to Sri Lanka after obtaining a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine recommended to fully vaccinate at the country of origin (E.g., Astra Zeneca / Pfizer BioNTech / Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Sputnik Light & etc.) shall visit Sri Lanka under this category. They should carry a diagnosis card / positive PCR test report / positive Rapid Antigen Test report / verifiable evidence as a proof of past history of illness (in English).

Applies to Children up to 18 years

Children of 12- 18 years if departed two weeks after obtaining at least a single dose of Pfizer Vaccine, will be considered as Fully Vaccinated.

14. I have not taken the booster vaccine yet. Am I considered fully vaccinated?

No. Until you get one of the WHO recommended boosters you are still considered as half vaccinated or not fully vaccinated.

However, with two vaccinations you can travel to SL. Please read Q 13 in this regard.

15. Do I need to quarantine in Sri Lanka?

If you are fully vaccinated, there is no requirement for quarantine.

If you are half vaccinated, you can follow “ Flexible bio-bubble “ criteria introduced by Sri Lanka Tourism

If you are not vaccinated at all, you need to undergo 7 nights/ 8 days of quarantine under “Bio bubble” scheme of Sri Lanka Tourism

More info –

16. Which vaccines are accepted by Sri Lanka?

Any vaccination type accepted by the country of origin will be accepted

17. What is considered “Proof of Vaccination” ?

Digital vaccination certificate/analoguevaccination card/copy issued by the relevant health authority of the country of origin

i.e. – EU Digital Health Certificate
Vaccination card issued by the German Health Authorities

18. Is the EU Digital certificate valid in Sri Lanka ?

Yes. However, It is better to carry your vaccination card / copy of card, as technology may not be available every time to verify your digital certificate online

19. What is “Proof of fully recovered person” ?

A certificate issued to the concerned person by the relevant health authority of the Country of Origin

20. I am recovered from Covid-19 and taken only ONE dose of the vaccine. Am I considered fully vaccinated?

No. You are considered Half Vaccinated. You need to take the booster vaccination and other requirements as specified in the Q 13. You can however visit Sri Lanka subject to conditions in Q 13.



21. Do I need a Covid-19 insurance and how can I apply?

Yes. It is mandatory to have obtained Covid-19 health insurance by travellers.

Online Link -

You can also obtain health insurance on arrival at the port of entry.

22. How can I apply for the Covid-19 insurance?

You can purchase the health insurance online prior to your departure.

Online purchase of health insurance -

23. How much does the Insurance cost?

USD 12 with enhanced health coverage up to USD 75,000

24. I cannot proceed with obtaining the Insurance on the given link. Is there any alternative method?

You can obtain the health insurance on arrival.
Also, you can make an effort to contact following 24/7 service in the event there is any issue with obtaining insurance through online.
Tel – 0094 112 206 306
Email –

25. Do I have to get the Covid insurance if I already have a travel insurance?

Yes. Local health insurance is mandatory.

26. Do I need to have a COVID-19 Insurance Cover if I stay beyond 30 days?

The insurance covers your entire stay in Sri Lanka irrespective of length of stay.



27. Should I provide a Health Declaration Form?

Yes. You can complete health declaration form online through following link:

In the event, online submission fails, you could fill out the health declaration form at the port of entry in Sri Lanka.

28. Can I submit the Health Declaration Form on arrival?

Yes. However,to avoid interaction at the airport, travellers are encouraged to complete the online process in advance prior to their departure



29. Where can I find the list of ‘Safe & Secure’ Certified hotels?

Safe & Secure Hotels -

Other Certified Hotels -

 30. What is a Level 1 ‘Safe & Secure' certified hotel?

Hotels which received the “Safe and Secure “ certification from the Sri Lanka Tourism according to industry standards and Covid-19 health regulations.

Link -

31. What happens if someone is tested positive for COVID-19 with symptoms on arrival?

Please read info here -

32. As an ex-Sri Lankan do I have to follow the tourist route to enter into Sri Lanka?

No. But you have to comply with health regulations introduced by the Ministry of Health

More information -

33. I am having a Residence visa in Sri Lanka. Do I have to follow the tourist route?

No. But you have to comply with the Health Regulations

More info -

34. Important contacts

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Berlin, Germany
Ms. Nisa Haneefa
Tel – (030) 80909749
Email –
Website -

Bandaranaiake International Airport
Telephone: +94 11 226 4444
Airport Duty Manager: +94 11 226 3333
Email :

Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport
Director - Chief Operations - All Airports
Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport
Tel: + 94 47 203 1100
Tel: + 94 47 203 1000
Tel: + 94 47 203 1111

People’s Insurance (Covid-19 Health Insurance Provider)
24-hour Helpline
Tel: +94 - 112 206 306
Email -

Civil Aviation Authority
Tel : 0094 112 358 800
Email :

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau
Hotline – 1912
Tel : 0094 112 426 900
Email – or