Last update:Wed, 11 Jul 2018

Embassy patronized the Kathina Festival held at Frohnau Buddhist Temple in Berlin

Marking another step towards to bring Buddhism closer to German nationals and to the new generations of the expatriates in Germany, Embassy of Sri Lanka in Berlin patronized the Katina Festival held at the Buddhist House in Frohnau, Berlin on 16th October 2016 by inviting the resident Buddhist monk Ven. Kongaspitiye Shantharakkhitha Thero to spend Vas period in the temple and engage in religious observances.


Katina is one of the main festivals in the Berlin Buddhist Temple. Throughout the Vas period Sri Lankan expatriates in Berlin and the staff of the Embassy took care of the resident Buddhist monks and engaged in religious activities. By the end of the Vas period a pirith chanting ceremony was organized in the evening with the participation of Ven. Bhante Athabandhiyaye Sugathananda Thero and many other Buddhist Theros travelled from Sri Lanka and from all over Germany for this Katina Festival at Frohnau temple.

On 16th October the Katina festival started with Buddhapooja and Dane followed by offering the Kathina Robe to Ven. Shantharakkhitha Thero by H.E. the Ambassador. After the rituals of Katina Robe, a Dhamma sermon was delivered in German and Sinhala languages. Katina fest was attended by more than 200 German, Thai and Sri Lankan devotees. A dansela was also organized by the devotees for the participants of the Kathina festival.

25th October 2016
Embassy of Sri Lanka

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