Last update:Wed, 20 Sep 2017

Floods have no adverse impact on Tourism in Sri Lanka

floodsThe floods and landsclides which caused damage to lives and properties in some parts of the country have spared the tourist areas of Sri Lanka. The floods and landslides have affected only the interior parts of some districts of Sri Lanka. Key tourist areas patronized by foreigners, namely the coastal belt of the South, East and West, the sacred city of Kandy, the cultural triangle and the commercial city of Colombo are not affected and easily accessible by road. Tourist hotels in the country are fully operational. Travelling is safe in Sri Lanka during this period, but tourists should be cautious if travelling to flood-affected areas of the country.

Incessant rains during the past 48 hours across Sri Lanka have caused floods and landslides in some interior parts of Sri Lanka causing damage to lives and property. It has been reported that flood waters were receding in the worst affected districts of Ratnapura and Kalutara. Clean-up operations are currently underway. The government has deployed a large number of tri-forces personnel, and teams are currently involved in rescue and relief efforts in flood-affected areas. The teams are presently working in close coordination with the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) and relevant District Secretariats in Sri Lanka. Private organizations and UN-agencies are also working closely with the relief efforts of coordination and mobilization of resources of the government.

Media Unit, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB)